General Information
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Photo Exterior View jpg 5.3 MB Image icon bcc_photo_exterior_view_4708_x_2648_pixel_350_dpi.jpg
Photo Kuppelsaal jpg 4.7 MB Image icon photo_37747-547473-011.jpg
Photo Aerial View jpg 0.7 MB Image icon bcc_aerial_view.jpg
bcc logo png 0 MB Image icon 130517_bcc-logo_black_cmyk.png
bcc map pdf 1.2 MB PDF icon map_bcc_539390-004.pdf
Information Sheet General Terms and Conditions pdf 0.1 MB PDF icon information_sheet_general_terms_and_conditions_11752-005.pdf
Information Sheet House Rules pdf 0.3 MB PDF icon information_sheet_house_rules_397254-010.pdf
Information Sheet Hotels pdf 0.1 MB PDF icon information_sheet_hotels_11618-016.pdf
Information Sheet Car Parks pdf 0.1 MB PDF icon information_sheet_car_parks_11707-012.pdf
Information Sheet Facilities Level A to Level C pdf 0.7 MB PDF icon information_sheet_facilities_level_a_to_level_c_563475-007.pdf
Ground Plans
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bcc pdf 0.4 MB PDF icon bcc_539316-003.pdf
bcc dwg 0.8 MB File bcc_539316-003.dwg
bcc grid pattern pdf 0.4 MB PDF icon bcc_grid_pattern_539275-003.pdf
bcc level A grid pdf 0.2 MB PDF icon bcc_level_a_grid_544484-002.pdf
bcc level B grid pdf 0.2 MB PDF icon bcc_level_b_grid_pattern_544485-003.pdf
bcc level C grid pdf 0.2 MB PDF icon bcc_level_c_grid_544486-002.pdf
Exhibitor Services
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Form Order Form (E-Form) pdf 0.5 MB PDF icon form_order_form_e-form_14988-018.pdf
Information Sheet Technical Information pdf 0.1 MB PDF icon information_sheet_technical_information_11748-011.pdf