Established in 1996, the bcc Berlin Congress Center GmbH (Ltd.) is a medium-sized company that draws upon the experience of having hosted thousands of conferences, functions and events. Partly focussed on external events in its early years, such as organising conferences throughout Germany, the company made project bcc the sole focus of its attention in 2003. The current bcc building is the result of a major development project undertaken by the bcc GmbH which completely revitalised the building complex Haus des Lehrers/Kongresshalle by the beginning of the 21st century.

The company and its signature building are a staple in Berlin's exposition scene. One basis of the bcc's success is the high degree of acceptance it receives from the major players in business, science and politics. Many large event organizers are regular clients of us, and many of our bookings are made years in advance.

A truly sustainable corporate concept that includes extensive ongoing investments in our building, facilities, technical equipment and personnel ensures the bcc's long-term success on the market. Years of development have helped us optimize our processes. For clients, the reduction of expenditures translates to lower costs and higher quality. It is part of our long-term company philosophy to deliver a strong final product while recommending only what is, from a professional perspective, really necessary and sensible for the event at hand.