The bcc employs over 100 people. There is a lot to do: from catering to facility management to event technology and IT.

The final product is complex, never gets boring, and has to be managed. We rely on our own materials and human resources and good organisation. This saves time and effort and minimizes risk. The market acknowledges our professionalism: the company has remained stable for many years.

Our employees are happy here and it shows: many stay for several years − some even until retirement. Others return to the bcc after spending time elsewhere. A considerable number of employees were trained at the bcc. Many came from other professions.

The location of the bcc is central, the atmosphere is familiar, and the working hours are mostly compatible with family life. The bcc is more reserved and sound as opposed to eccentric. Hard work pays off. The bcc has been taking good care of its employees before this became trendy.

Employee catering is good and free. We eat outside when the weather is nice.

Sorry, there are no open positions available at this time.