The bcc considers itself an exemplary provider of event-oriented services. The company focuses on those services that can be provided smartly and efficiently on-site through our own internal team rather than having to depend on external companies. Conferences are the heart of our business, but the bcc can equally accommodate large company events, corporate functions, business parties and gala dinners. Open time slots between larger events can be filled by smaller meetings and seminars.

What we do differently... Examples of the bcc's service philosophy

Everything on-site

97% of the technical equipment, furnishings and other resources used at the bcc belongs to the company and is already in place in our facility. This means shortened set-up and breakdown times, reduced transportation costs, decreased risk of product damage, heightened process security and more convenience for our clients. Meals, too, are freshly prepared on-site in the bcc's own kitchen, which eliminates thousands of kilometres of food transportation.

Pricing Packages over Nitpicking

In the majority of cases, the bcc arranges pricing packages with clients – not just for catering and beverages, but for the entire event. This means that we will supply each individual event with everything that is required in terms of standard technical conference equipment. If an event's package includes a coat-check and bad weather means twice as many coats (and thereby twice the manpower to handle them), the bcc takes on the additional costs. Clients gain a feeling of security regarding the budget and benefit from the experience and routine of the bcc team. Price quotes and invoices are made much more straightforward by using price packages.

Service over Numbers

The bcc's contracts revolve around functionality rather than explicitly stated quantities of materials. For example, our contracts will guarantee "standard projection in Full-HD in all event spaces" instead of listing individual technological specifics, and will state "running coffee services for all participants" instead of specifying "278 cups of coffee at 210 ml each." This tendency reduces expenditures and offers security to clients, even financially.

Flexible Scheduling to Reduce Costs

On average, 60% of all requests for functions at the bcc conflict with pre-existing events. That is one of the reasons why the bcc almost always provides an alternate schedule with which the proposed function can be conducted more cost-efficiently. The result is that the client saves money, while still allowing the bcc to accommodate as many prospective functions as possible.

The Big Picture

Among the bcc's employees, you will find trained event managers, theatre and event technicians, sound engineers, office administrators, electricians, caterers and chefs – all of whom share the same understanding of the entire project at hand. The final say in matters involving clients always goes back to the Project Manager, who sums up all of the information given to him or her by the rest of the team. Normally, the Project Manager accompanies the client from the first project-proposal to the feedback meeting at the end of the event. During the event, a Project Assistant is available at all times in our Front Office to assist the event promoter and guests, to ensure the smooth running of all components of the event and to run the in-house tech.

Fast Conversions for Evening Events

The experience of hundreds of large-scale events has made it possible: extremely fast conversion of the Kuppelsaal from conference-mode to party-mode and vice versa. This allows the Kuppelsaal to be utilised for different purposes even within the same event.

Exposition Management – from Planning to Clean-up

Plans for exposition booths, designed in line with all safety requirements, are, as a rule, proposed by our own certified technicians. These technicians also plan and ensure that each booth has a reliable supply of internet and electricity. The bcc’s Logistics Office receives all deliveries for the exhibitors in advance, holds the materials on-site until the time of the event, and supervises the construction of the booths from the first unpacking of all materials until the final clean-up.

Signage Systems

The bcc's own signage systems were designed specifically for the needs of our building and clients. Flexible configurations and positioning options allow participants and guests of the event to integrate diverse event-related material and easily find their bearings.


The bcc offers every client the possibility to put his or her trademark on all event spaces in and on the building itself. The versatility of our event spaces allows countless design variations for the individualization of each event. From printed flags and window banners to custom-made decal stickers and client-specific light installations – the bcc's many options make branding in the bcc successful, effective and commanding.

bcc means: Plug and Play

The extensive use of bcc resources leads to the elimination of expenses involved in the set-up and breakdown of equipment as well as transportation and installation costs, and it insures proven and tested ideas instead of blind trial and error. Everything fits together – from our building utilities, to our catering services and equipment, all the way to our event technology.